Inspiring educator


Bringing mountain life into the classroom  

Your curriculum


Your curriculum is set. It might be your first year of delivering it, it might be your 20th. 


It could be you want something new to inspire the KS2 on their mountain topic. An event where you can sit back and let an enthustiac mountaineer do the talking. Have this person come into your classroom and bring it alive with real stories, expert knowledge, all from someone who from experience knows the value of education. 


For Year 11 teachers who see, year after year, young adults go to college or try their luck in the working world, I will provoke thought about 'no excuses, your life is in your hands', 'live life to your own full potential', whether that's with fingers and toes... or not!


You want something unique to your curriculum, something that you can steer to make relevant to the coming weeks and something that is easy to organise, low maintenace and easy to get school approval.


If I have missed anything, pop it in an email and ask, I'll always get back to you. 



My role as educator


I am someone who can bring the mountain into your classroom. With no fingers and toes and visible frostbite on my face I bring out the natural curiosity of learners, and am the person who will answer any (and every) question. 


My story is part of their learning, not just geography but how life can throw up the unexpected and what that might feel like.


After delivering my lesson plan, pupils often have a project to complete and some of the inclusions in their work I have seen over the years are:


  • an essay about life on a mountian

  • a poem written by the mountain

  • letters home to parents from Everest base camp

  • some become the artist on the mountain top 

  • others become the equipment specialists

  • some write the weather forecast for mountaineers!


After the lesson, the follow-on in your classroom can be limitless, making your role as teacher easier as you have a shared experience with the children to bring into conversation and make part of their project.

Working together


You have the curriculum and lesson plans.


I have the mountaintop experience and passion.


Where do you want your lesson focus to be?


Let me know and I'll do the thinking for you, I'll come armed with all the audio visual, slides, videos and bring your classroom to life in the way you want to.


If you want something more low-key then I can pitch up and deliver a lesson about my experiences. Having done this over the years, I know you and the students won't be disappointed. 


Budgets are going to be on your mind!


Two options: the school pays from allocated budget or I can provide you with suggestions on how to spread the cost to the parents and I write the letters for you, taking the stress out of placing an order with me.

I'm an easygoing chap, you are a busy teacher under pressure. Contact me in the way which is best for you, by phone, email, or even text. I'm here to make it simple.


"Nigel visited Repton to speak with the students about his adventures and focused specifically on having courage to take risks and how best to mitigate against risks in the field. It was a truly inspiring lecture and Nigel's energy and passion for the subject captivated the audience and students hung on every word.


I would wholeheartedly recommend Nigel and very much look forward to welcoming him back in the future."

Mr R G De Rosa - Head of Geography, Repton School

"Selecting speakers for a demanding Sixth Form audience can be a tricky process and successful events are sometimes difficult to achieve.

No such worries with Nigel. His down to earth straightforward approach to extraordinary events was full of humour, drama and ultimately a tribute to human endeavour.

Our Sixth Formers left the talk buzzing - always the acid test!"

David Tidy - Trent College, Long Eaton

Helen Shepherd - Royal School for the Deaf, Derby

"Nigel was able to relate perfectly to the abilities and interests of our pupils. He had an empathy and understanding of the range of needs and was able to draw on personal experiences to promote the positive ethos and achievement of the pupils as a result. They gained so much from his visit, but in particular, their ability to work in teams and make decisions. He inspired our pupils in so many ways."

Helen Shepherd - Royal School for the Deaf, Derby

"We have just experienced a fantastic morning with Nigel, who delivered two inspiring sessions to 85 Key Stage Two children: one to link with our topic on Derbyshire and the Peak District, and the second to compare this area to mountains of the world. He is wonderfully engaging, and the children (and staff!) were delighted by his humour and energy, and enthralled by his resilience and bravery. We will definitely be booking Nigel again!"



Rachael Dean - Loscoe Church of England Primary School

"Nigel came in and delivered a fantastic talk which the children found exciting, informative and fun. They were totally hooked. 62 unblinking pairs of eyes! It really brought the topic alive for them to meet Nigel and hear his amazing stories and inspiring advice. Thank you so much."

Adam Pepper - SilverScreen Primary

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