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Some people dream of success. I make it happen.
Your event


I am a powerful speaker who is as dedicated to making your event a success as I when I climbed in the world's highest mountains ranges in seemingly impossible weather conditions.


My stories will enthral and motivate an audience in equal measure, leaving them gasping in admiration at what the human spirit can achieve.


I tailor every keynote to fit your requirements, so feel free to call and discuss your event.  



My story


Why is my story one that will make your delegates sit up and take note?


Well, not having any fingers, toes and visable frostbite on my face might do it!


But the truth is so much more, mine is a story that starts on the top of an Alaskan mountain and takes the delegate on a journey from that lifechanging event through to the present day.


My story parallels our changing world as we face competitive global markets and the drive for efficiency.


It's about how humans can adapt to change with the right mindset, motivation and courage.


Working together


Thirty years in engineering, one privatisation, four takeovers and a body changing life experience has given me, if nothing else, experience. 


Your company mission statement, vision and values, business strategy, profit growth projections, internal change programmes and so much more will touch some part of your event. 


I understand these things, so tell me what your event goals are, how you want to engage with the delegates, what is on the minds of management and I'll listen to you, connect with you and make sure that my story and the way it's delivered connects with your conference theme.



"On Friday 6th Dec, Nigel kindly agreed to be the guest of honour and to come down to Vicar Lane Shopping Centre in Chesterfield for the opening of our big outdoor screen.

Nigel gave a heart warming and inspirational speech on the importance of being active out doors and getting out to the peak district to enjoy all that nature has to offer.

Nigel drew on his own experiences in the peak district as well as his more harrowing mountaineering experiences in later life. All those who attended the talk were blown away by Nigel's passionate public speaking and his ability for captivating story telling. Myself and the Vicar Lane team, were very proud to run our event with Nigel"

David Goldstein - Alterx – The Real Partners

"Change" is a somewhat hackneyed phrase in the business world, but there is surely none more profound than traumatic change to one's own body. Nigel gave an entertaining narrative of his Derbyshire upbringing, early career in the electricity industry and the development of his interest in mountaineering, culminating in a riveting account of his fateful ascent of Mount McKinley.  In the years since he has overcome the practical challenges of work and everyday life...


No bullet points or pie charts here - just some photographs to accompany Nigel's story, which he delivered with wit and humour to a rapt audience!"


Dr Gary Masters - Uniper Energy

"Holding a group of 20+ business owners in the palm of your hand is no mean feat, especially following a two-course lunch on a sunny Friday afternoon! Nigel managed to do so comfortably and had each person humbled and motivated in equal measure! 

"With no props or pre-made slides, Nigel shared his adventures (and learnings) in such a way that few others I have seen are able - there is a genuine foundation to his words.

"I could not recommend Nigel highly enough as an extremely high impact speaker!"

Scott Golland - Cheetham Jackson Ltd

Lee Church - Sulzer Pumps (UK) Ltd

"Nigel delivered an extremely powerful recollection of his story and ordeal during a company workshop highlighting the way that that teamwork, perseverance, and sheer determination can overcome any obstacle and situation despite long odds. Truly inspiring."


"Nigel was recommended by a colleague as someone who would deliver outstanding results and have the knowledge, skill and background to fully understand the target audience. This was no small challenge as the audience work in tough environments. Nigel not only met the challenge but smashed it! The audience were enthralled by him and for nearly two hours they were totally gripped by him. I am delighted with the response and how Nigel was completely appropriate in his approach to the event."

Jane Caddick - Breakthrough Change Management

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